TRAMA: Culture and Creative Economy

Ciudad del Saber (City of Knowledge)
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After a decade of developing projects and initiatives with the most important entities in Panama's cultural and creative sectors, in 2015 the Ciudad del Saber (City of Knowledge) launched the TRAMA Program to help connect the key actors and strengthen the culture and creative economy sector, as well as its entities and professionals, in a collaboration/competition ecosystem that generates social, cultural and economic value, in favor of sustainable development. With the same purpose, CdS organized in 2015 the first TRAMA Meeting of Creative Economy, which brought together managers, entrepreneurs and professionals of culture and creativity, representatives of NGOs, international organizations, academia, business and public sector, from Panama and Latin America. More information here. At the end of 2015, TRAMA - with the support of UNDP - launched a Call for Creative Entrepreneurs. Nearly 100 entrepreneurs participated in the training process with 39 business projects oriented to the production, distribution, exhibition, dissemination and/or commercialization of cultural and creative products and services. More information here. Between 2016 and 2017, the program was completed and two studies were published: Cultural Entrepreneurship in Panama (María Ángeles Sallé) and The Music Industry in Panama (Javier Stanziola and Maritza Vernaza). The first one described the local panorama and the main national and international policies and experiences carried out to promote creative entrepreneurship and to solve the obstacles faced by entrepreneurs. The second study aimed to explore strategies to facilitate the creation and appropriation of value by Panamanian musicians, as well as the comparative advantages and challenges faced by the Panamanian music to be able to grow and to expand internationally. In March 2017, the City of Knowledge co-organized, together with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Panama Film Festival -IFF, the Regional Forum on Creative and Cultural Industries - Vitamin C, a panel of national and international experts presenting studies, projects and successful policies in this sector of the economy, as well as entrepreneurship. More information here. The second edition of the TRAMA Meeting, in 2018, was entirely dedicated to the music industry. It included conferences, round tables, master classes and presentations of project pitches, attended by approximately 400 people, most of them young audiences. TRAMA 2018 showcases featured 12 local bands that were selected. The event featured as speakers around 20 key figures from the music industry in Panama, Latin America and Europe. More information here. Website: That same year (in September), City of Knowledge launched the Creative Industries Cluster for Panama, supported by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. City of Knowledge proposes to set up a cluster of companies, enterprises, foundations, universities and other key players on its campus, as well as to provide a space for articulating and collaborating with the various players involved in the creative industries value chain, in an effort to become more strategic and competitive. More information here. In 2019, the City of Knowledge and the IESA School of Management launched the first Music Business Diploma, offering its 30 participants a window of possibilities and knowledge for developing their careers, entrepreneurship and innovation in the music sector. The first edition concluded successfully and will be launched again virtually in 2020. More information here. With the leadership of City of Knowledge, in October 2018 the Panama Chamber of Commerce launched its Creative Industries Commission, in an effort to establish consensus, strategies and initiatives in order to be able to collaborate as a private sector in the promotion and development of the creative economy. More info here The Commission is currently working (with financing from the IDB) on the elaboration of an Action Plan to be ready by September 2020. The third edition of the TRAMA Meeting was scheduled for the end of July 2020. More information here. Given the current situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the event has been restated. The activities have been taking place virtually since April and will continue in that way in the coming months. This edition of the event includes 9 creative sectors, and it is oriented to the update and exchange of knowledge among professionals.
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strategy for working in the creative industries within the City of Knowledge Foundation and has begun its implementation. This strategy has focused on: ● Developing knowledge-intensive activities that contribute to generating creative, business, technological and scientific capacities. ● Over the last five years, City of Knowledge has developed an important agenda of activities for the public in alliance with the country's most important cultural bodies: festivals, congresses, forums and others. ● In terms of higher education, City of Knowledge has developed the following degrees on its campus: Architecture and Design from the Isthmus University, the Bachelor of Video Game Design from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, the Music Business Diploma and the Gastronomic Business Diploma from IESA, as well as the new Film Degree from GANEXA. ● We have consolidated our work in supporting creative entrepreneurship and begun the process of scaling up its impact. As part of this effort, in June 2020 City of Knowledge will receive funding of one million dollars from the Ministry of Culture (with funds from an IDB loan) for the development of a program to support entrepreneurs in culture and creative economy activities throughout 2020 and 2021. ● Developing a cluster initiative from the City of Knowledge. A first study was carried out in 2017 and a pre-investment study is currently being concluded for the creation of a Media Center with facilities and technology for various creative industries: film, animation, music and others. ● Leading the articulation of private sector partners, the promotion of joint actions and coordination with the public sector. Specific results have been achieved. Since 2018, the Chamber of Commerce's Creative Industries Commission has been set up and has been operating, and an action plan will be drawn up in September 2020. City of Knowledge also participates in the Coordinating Commission for the Creative Industries created in 2019 by MiCultura. More info here. ● Developing a range of services to support innovation in the creative economy that generate income for the City of Knowledge Foundation. In this line, we are finalizing the design and implementation of the Cultural Information System of Panama for the Ministry of Culture, which should be in place within a year.
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