TRANSIT: Support mobility in visual arts

Cultural Services – Ministry of Education and Culture
Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

The programme aims at supporting artists and other professionals in the domain of contemporary art, by financing their participation in Artist Residency Programmes abroad. The main objective of TRANSIT is to encourage mobility of artists both at European and international space through, inter alia, their participation in Residency Programmes, for research activities, workshops, seminars, lectures, open studios and creation of artistic works . In general, it promotes networking and cooperation amongst artists, artistic research and production and enhances connections between domestic practices and the international artistic scene. The programme was introduced in 2016 and may be extended in other art sectors as well. 

Périmètre de la mesure:
National, International
Nature de la mesure:
Principale caractéristique de la mesure:

The programme provides financial support to promote mobility of individual visual artists and cultural professionals and encourage their participation in Residency Programmes.

Résultats attendus de la mise en œuvre de la mesure:

Through this programme networking and cooperation amongst artists is expected to be promoted. Also, artistic research and production are encouraged.

Ressources financières allouées à la mise en œuvre de la mesure: