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ANPAL (National agency for active employment policies- Agenzia Nazionale per le politiche attive del lavoro)
Associazione Giovani per l'UNESCO (Italian Association Youth for UNESCO)
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Special attention is paide at the transversal issues related to "Youth" at different levels. Italy is involved in the application of the National Program so- called "Garanzia Giovani" (Youth Guarantee). The program is a European initiative born from the need to tackle the difficulties of job placement and youth unemployment and it is aimed at young people between 15 and 29 who:
- reside in Italy (EU or non-EU citizens but legally residing in Italy)
- are not engaged in work activities, nor inserted in school or training courses (neet). The program expects: job offer, further education, apprenticeship or traineeship.
The offer is personalized and takes into account the elements that make employment more difficult (eg territorial, demographic, family and individual variables).
Furthermore, it is worth to be mentioned the "Associazione Italiana Giovani per l'UNESCO" (Italian association Youth for UNESCO). It was born as the Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO (CNI) with the aim of supporting the activities of the CNI in the field of education, science, culture and communication, promoting projects, values and priorities through the active participation of the younger generations and civil society in initiatives and events of national importance. In 2018 the Association, under the aegis of CNI, was officially recognized by UNESCO as a Member of Associations and Clubs for UNESCO. The Italian Youth Association for UNESCO is composed of about 300 young people between 20 and 35 years old, including students, researchers, artists, professionals, managers and entrepreneurs.
The Association, currently is organized in a central structure, consisting of a National Board, a Board of Directors and a peripheral branch, characterized by teams present in all regions of Italy, coordinated by Regional Representatives.
For the quality of the projects and the solid organizational structure, the Association has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the best practices of youth participation in UNESCO programs.

Quels sont les résultats atteints jusqu’à présent grâce à la mise en œuvre de la politique/mesure ?: 

Within the European PON - Youth Employment Initiative (2017-2020), the "Garanzia Giovani" measures include:
Orientation, Training, Apprenticeship, internship and extra-curricular internship in geographical mobility, employment incentives, national civil service in the territory of the European Union, self-entrepreneurship, professional mobility (which encourages mobility in Italy and in other EU countries and provides a voucher for coverage of travel and accommodation costs for 6 months).Programs, initiatives, information services, personalized paths, incentives: these are the measures envisaged at national and regional level to offer opportunities for orientation, training and job placement, with a view to collaboration between all the public and private actors involved. to properly establish the level and characteristics of the services provided and increase their effectiveness, it was decided to introduce a profiling system that takes into account the distance from the labor market, with a view to personalizing the actions provided: a series of variables, territorial, demographic, family and individual profile the young person thus allowing to adjust the measure of the action in his favor.
An innovative project Project was implemented in collaboration with Unioncamere and in partnership with Google (
1. enhances the digital skills of young people
2. favors the insertion into the world of work
3. consolidates the digital innovation path of companies, thanks to the internships of young digitizers.

To pursuing its mission, the "Associazione Italiana Giovani per l'UNESCO" promoted since the 2018 an annual "Italian Youth Forum" as an opportunity to disseminate and promote the themes of education, innovation and sustainable development. Futhermore the the Italian Youth Association for UNESCO has launched the # unite4earth campaign - together to save the Earth - for the defense of our planet and EDU project focused on the themes promoted by UNESCO to sensitize students in the fields of education, communication and information, natural sciences, sciences human and social and culture.

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The Regions are responsible for carrying out the monitoring of the interventions, to better observe the process of implementation of the measures, the services provided, the number and profile of beneficiaries, the progress of expenditure, and other characteristics on the condition of employability of young beneficiaries. The financial resources allocated to the individual measures are indicated in the agreements that each Region and Autonomous Province has stipulated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies (

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