Upgrading public libraries in Bangladesh in partnership with the British Council and The Bill and MelindaGates Foundation

Ministry of Cultural Affairs
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Various cultural activities in Bangladesh are supported by the national institutes of culture of other countries based in Bangladesh. Such activities are often undertaken in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh.
With an aim to modernize the public library network of Bangladesh, anMOU was signed between the British Council and the Department of Public Libraries (DPL) of Bangladesh on 16th August 2016, as part of implementing the 'Libraries Unlimited' programme in Bangladesh. This project aimed to cover 25number of libraries and nominated them as 'model libraries'.
The Bill and MelindaGates Foundation was financing the project here in Bangladesh. Apart from modernizing the public library network this project also aimed to build the capacity of government officers, train library staff, and build public awareness on access to library and information services.

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So far through this project various trainings on different modules were conducted, along with learning visits to two countries.
In total, 237 officers and staffs of different libraries and DPL HQ participated in different capacity development activities. Moreover, 58 volunteers from different 10 libraries received

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Department of Public Libraries
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British Council Bangladesh
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