The Year of Cultural Diversity 2006

Objectifs clefs de la mesure:

An initiative initiated before the entry into force of the Convention and implemented before Sweden’s ratification of the Convention, but which has had significance for the work to 9
promote cultural diversity, was the Year of Cultural Diversity in Sweden 2006. The purpose was twofold: to permanently extend the range of opportunities for people living in Sweden to participate in cultural life, and to bring about interplay between prevailing cultural traditions. A further aim was to devise incentives for those responsible for publicly financed cultural activities to clearly reflect and incorporate the ethnic and cultural diversity that exists in Sweden today. The Government instructed all agencies, foundations and public enterprises working in the cultural sphere, universities and other institutions of higher education providing artistic training, and a number of Swedish embassies abroad – 54 bodies in all – to prepare for participation in the Year. The Government also invited all municipalities, county councils, regions and county administrative boards, along with other public authorities, regional cultural institutions, organisations, associations and others (630 bodies in all) to take part in the Year.

Principale caractéristique de la mesure:
A special Coordinator was given responsibility at national level for coordinating both the preparations and the implementation of the Year. The Coordinator was also assigned to create conditions for sustainable change in Swedish cultural life through greater ethnic and cultural diversity, and to submit proposals on how best to promote cultural diversity in the publicly financed cultural field. The Coordinator decided at an early stage that in discharging the mandate it would be necessary to proceed from a broader diversity context that embraced not only ethnic and cultural diversity but also such perspectives as gender, age, educational background, sexual orientation and functionality in cultural life.
In the Final Report (SOU 2007:50), the Coordinator established that the Year of Cultural Diversity 2006 had helped to lift the issue up on the public agenda and had raised awareness among decision-makers, cultural practitioners and audiences about the importance of a more open, inclusive cultural life. The Year also made clear that publicly financed cultural activities must address society as a whole and reflect the wide range of knowledge and experience and the diverse perspectives found in the community.
The reports of results submitted to the Government by agencies and institutions concerning the Year of Cultural Diversity indicated a high level of ambition throughout. It may be said that many processes to achieve the objectives were initiated during the Year, for example, with regard to active audience work to reach new groups and a diversified offering.
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