Young Researchers Conference on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy Project

İstanbul Bilgi University Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy UNESCO Chair
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The general purpose of the project is to plan, realize and publish an international conference for young researchers working in the discipline of "Cultural Policies and Cultural Diplomacy" from universities and related academic institutions in Turkey and different countries of the world come together and share their research contents, findings, practices in their own countries or in relevant cities to create an environment of thinking, discussing and producing together. The project's specific aim is to present a general assessment of how academic research under the sub-headings of art and cultural management, culture and art policy, cultural industries, creative economy, cultural heritage, museology, and cultural diplomacy is progressing at universities in Turkey and the world. At the same time, this activity was organized in order to bring a new breath to the field and to encourage researchers in Turkey to participate in knowledge production in the international arena.
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