Soudan du Sud : Lancement des Clubs de jeunes auditeurs et de femmes auditrices de radios

Quand, heure locale: 
Jeudi, 11 Février 2016 -
2:00pm - 6:00pm
Soudan du Sud, Rumbek, South Sudan
Type d’événement: 
Catégorie 7-Séminaire et atelier
Lydia Gachungi (

La création des Clubs de jeunes auditeurs et de femmes auditrices de radios a été soutenue financièrement par l’UNESCO et l’Agence suédoise de coopération internationale au développement (ASDI). Mis en œuvre par l’Association générale pour les femmes du Soudan du Sud pour les stations de radio du Réseau des radios catholiques, c’est-à-dire la Voix de l’Espérance de Wau et radio Good News à Rumbek, ces Clubs ont pour but de permettre aux groupes marginalisés de la société d’accéder à l’information.
(la suite du texte est disponible uniquement en anglais)

A Radio Listening Club (RLC) is a group of people who meet regularly to listen to radio programmes and thereafter plan, discuss, record, on the way forward that help them to address the needs of their communities.

The members of the club are bound together by their shared concerns about their environment, the government, and any other issues pertaining to democracy benefits.

The clubs give marginalized, vulnerable, and underprivileged people, whether based in rural or urban areas, an opportunity to engage their leaders directly through the media communication.

The clubs help sensitize club leaders to identify and elucidate issues that affect the communities and assist in the facilitation of the recording process for RLC programmes. Since these clubs are bound by common interests, it is therefore easier to include often left out members of the communities such as those with disabilities.

RLCs are an effective communication tool to amplify the voices of marginalized groups and communities, especially when the listeners participate actively in the whole process, by raising their own key development issues, discussing them publicly, exploring options and seeking external support for possible solutions.

This is done through focus group discussion format with a moderator in charge of the discussions to ensure orderliness and inclusion of all opinions and contributions.