(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Abdrahman Togou

Beneficiary country: 
Togou Abdrahman Chad Né(e) le 1965 dans Fada Bet, Chad
Country of study: 
Last degree obtained: 

 Université d’Orléans, Orléans, France: D.E.A. “Littératures nationales et comparées” (26 October 1999).

Scholarly work and publications: 

L’Allemagne dans la correspondance de George Sand (1870-1871). D.E.A. Thesis, Université d’Orléans, France, 26 October 1999. Research undertaken on the Tubou heritage.

What the fellow says:

"The UNESCO / Keizo Obuchi Fellowship has given me the pleasurable opportunity to discover the cultural values of the Toubou people of Chad, in particular those values which praise dialogue and sharing."