(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Aivaras Stepukonis

Beneficiary country: 
Stepukonis Aivaras Lithuania Né(e) le 28 September 1972 dans Kauno, Lithuania
Country of study: 
Last degree obtained: 

"Kulturos, filosofjos ir meno institutas“ (The institute of Culture, Philosophy and Art), Vytautas Magnus University Vilnius, Lithuania: PhD in Philosophy (22 April 2005.).

Scholarly work and publications: 

A critique of the Ideas of a World Philosophy: Philosophical and Historiographical Projects in the Comparative Movement of Honolulu, PhD Dissertation, The Institute of Culture, Philosophy and Art, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania (2005)

Pavergto mastymo problema: Maxas Scheleris ir žinojimo sociologijos ištakos, Vilnius: Kulturos, filosofijos ir meno institutas, 2005, p.300, ISBN 9986-638-65-8, Lithuania (2005).

The idea of a World Philosophy in the East-West Philosophical Context. Dialogue and Universalism. Vol. XIII., No.162/ 2003, PL ISSN 1234-5792, Lithuania (2003). Marxo ir Engelso visuomeninès pažinimo teorijos link ir aplink. l dalis. – Logos, N°37, 2004, p.79-91, ISSN 0868-7962, Lithuania (2004).

What the fellow says:

"The Keizo Obuchi Research Fellowship, administered by UNESCO, made it possible for me to visit the University of Hawaii, that academic hub of comparative philosophy which not only provided me with a cherished wealth of information but also challenged and enriched me with fresh and illuminating cross-cultural experiences."