(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)


Beneficiary country: 
DEL CASTILLO SANCHEZ Andrès Mexico Né(e) le 12 September 1965 dans Mexico, Mexico;
Country of study: 
Portugal and Timor-Leste
Last degree obtained: 

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico: Ph. D. Degree (2000).

Scholarly work and publications: 


Loro Sae, the place where the sun raises.  History of the construction of the national identity in Timor-Leste,  Colmex, México D.F. 2003 (MA Dissertation).

Editor El Galeón de Manila, un mar de historias, Philippine Centennial Commission and JHG editores, México D.F. april 1997.

Articles in academic magazine

“Timor na viagem de circunavegacao, a primeira volta ao mundo”, in Magazine Presidencia da Republica de Timor-Leste, No.4, Dili, May 2011.

“O Sandalo na Historia de Timor, Ex Insula Timore in Europam Adventur Santala Rubea et Alba”, in Magazine Presidencia da Republica de Timor-Leste  No.3, Dili, December 2010.

“Timor Este, la primer  nación del siglo XXI”  in  Clío, Pasado Presente, Año 1, No. 7, Hachette Filipacci Presse,  Barcelona, Spain, 2002.

“Entre Portugal e Indonesia: el surgimiento del nacionalismo en Timor Este” in Revista Española del Pacífico No.10 año IX , Asociación Española de Estudios del Pacífico, Madrid, Spain 1999.

Electoral materials

Electoral Atlas, Nepal, Co-author ECN, Kathmandu, Nepal 2014 2.

Promoting Local Election Management as Part of an Electoral Cycle Aproach, (Comments & feedback) UNDP 2013

Prosesu Eleitoral iha Timor-Leste 2004-2005, Co-author STAE-UNDP, Dili Timor-Leste 2006

Manual ba educasaun dos votantes (Eleisau de Suku), Co-author STAE-UNDP, Dili Timor Leste 2005


Medal of Honor of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste given by the President of the Republic and Nobel Peace Prize awarded Dr. Jose Ramos Horta, for the contribution in the establishment of the democratic system in the country (2009).



What the fellow says:

"My UNESCO Keizo Obuchi fellowship helped me acquire technical skills for my projects. It was a rewarding process which has strengthened my career with a strong international networking, exposure and skills development. UNESCO gave me the opportunity to establish a large network of international collaborations which may definitely enhance my professional aspirations. My UNESCO Keizo Obuchi fellowship covered my research costs and allowed me to develop personal projects while integrating my research experience in the UN work to support Timor-Leste democratic process . The grant also made it possible for me to carry out my research in Portugal and Timor-Leste."