(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Ayman W. Dardona

Beneficiary country: 
Palestinian Authority
Dardona Ayman W. Palestinian Authority Né(e) le 1 March 1976 dans Jaballia, Palestinian Authority
Country of study: 
United States of America
Last degree obtained: 

UNESCO-IHE, Institute for Water Education, Netherlands: Master of Science in Environmental Science and Technology with specialization in Limnology and Wetland Ecosystems (24 March 2004).

Scholarly work and publications: 

Biogeochemical cycling of Nitrogen in Tropical Wetlands, Master’s Thesis, UNESCO, IHE, Netherlands, April 2004.

A simulation model for nitrogen retention in a papyrus wetland near Lake Victoria, Uganda (East Africa). A. Dardona and Dr A.A . van Dam, UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands, January 2007.

What the fellow says:

"The most important aspect of the Fellowships Programme was my participation in an international conference pertaining to my research, the First International Conference for Science and Development, held at the Islamic University of Gaza."