(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Champathong Phochanthilath

Beneficiary country: 
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Phochanthilath Champathong Lao People's Democratic Republic Né(e) le 16 June 1980 dans Akath Village, Lao People's Democratic Republic
Country of study: 
Germany and Belgium
Last degree obtained: 

Master in Women's Studies, Chiangmai University

Scholarly work and publications: 


Phochanthilath, C. (2005). Social Sciences Research Project. "The factors of Immigration in Saphangmeuk, Vientiane 1984-2004". Vientiane: Manthatulath printing.

Phochanthilath, C. (2008). "The transformation of religious beliefs and power relations between male and female in the Christian Kmhmu". Chiangmai: Vanida Press.

Phochanthilath, C. (2010). Journal of Language and Culture. "A componential analysis of address terms in Lao, Kmhmu' and Patani Malay", Mahidol university, Vol.29 (1)

Phochanthilath, C. (2012). Gender in development. Vientiane: Danchampa Phattana Printing and Sign.

Phochanthilath, C. (2015). A measure of last resort?: The current status of juvenile justice in ASEAN Member States. A Country Researcher “The State of Juvenile Justice in Laos”. Sweden: Raoul Wallenberg Institute.

Phochanthilath, C. (2015). Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law. “Women’s rights in intellectual property and traditional knowledge protection in Lao PDR”. Vol.16 (1-2), pp. 9-25.


Scholarly work:

Paper presented “Gender Inequality in Lao PDR” in The EUROSEAS Conference on 11-14 August 2015, Vienna/Austria 4-19 December 2013 – Jointed visiting lecturer at Hanoi University of Agriculture – International Master in Rural Economics and Sociology, September-December 2013, Research Fellowship at Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund University/Sweden.