(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Nicole Dolowy

Beneficiary country: 
Dolowy Nicole Poland Né(e) le 30 June 1980 dans Warsaw, Poland
Country of study: 
Germany and France
Last degree obtained: 

Institut de la Culture Polonaise à l’Université de Varsovie: Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Sciences

Scholarly work and publications: 

Literatura Ludowa (Polish ethnological study) PL ISSN 0024-4708, VII-X, 2005: Les kachoubes de Poméranie, Ameline Editions, France, in print.

What the fellow says:

"Thanks to the fellowship I was able to carry out field work required for my doctoral thesis on methods of preserving cultural diversity in Europe as seen in Sorbian and Breton culture."