(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Rhoda Danjuma Beskeni

Beneficiary country: 
Danjuma Beskeni Rhoda Nigeria Né(e) le on 30 October 1970 dans Plateau State, Nigeria
Country of study: 
United Kingdom
Last degree obtained: 

University of JOS, Jos, Nigeria: Master of Science in Chemistry Education (15 February 2007).

Scholarly work and publications: 

Beskeni, R. D., The Use of Some Plant Extracts for Making Universal Indicator/PH paper; Proceedings of the 50th Annual Conference of Science; Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN), on the theme: Developing Entrepreneurial Skills through Science, Technology and Mathematics Education. pp 177-181. HEBN Publishers, 2009.

Beskeni, R. D. and Nanchen, P. D., Teacher’s Qualification and their Attitude to Science and its Effect on their Academic Achievement in Senior Secondary Schools of Plateau State. Journal of Science (Physima), Volume 3, Number 1, pp 65-69. Nigeria, 2008.

Nanchen P.D. and Beskeni, R.D. Problems and Prospects of Science Education in Junior and Senior Secondary Schools of Nigeria. Journal of Educational Issues (College of Education Academic Staff Union, (F.C.E Pankshin) Volume 3, Number 2, pp 97-100. Nigeria, 2008.

Beskeni, R.D. and Oreyeju, F.O. Science and Technology a Weapon for Poverty Mitigation. A Way Out of Child Labour and Human Trafficking. Journal of Women in Colleges of Education, Volume 13, Number 1, pp 476-480. Nigeria, 2009.

Beskeni, R. D. Guide in Answering Chemistry Practical Questions at Secondary School Level. In effective methods of teaching chemistry practical, Chapter 16, pp 108-113. HEBN Publishers: Nigeria, 2008. ISBN-978-978-902-790-3

What the fellow says:

"The impact of the fellowship during my research studies in Dundee: I developed high skills in the use of ICT for Chemistry practicals, which can be used to teach young scientists to acquire science process skills for industrialization."