(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Venera Galyamova

Beneficiary country: 
Galyamova Venera Kazakhstan Né(e) le 26 October 1976 dans Almaty, Kazakhstan;
Country of study: 
People’s Republic of China
Last degree obtained: 

Almaty State University, Kazakhstan: “Historian Orientalist” (1998).

Scholarly work and publications: 

"Some Problems on Political Ideology in the Context of Transformation Process in China", in Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences, n°2, 2001, pp. 66-80 (in Russian).

"The state –It is we are!" (About Bureaucracy in China), in Continent, n°17, September 2001, pp. 21-23 (in Russian),

"Ethnic separatism in today’s Xinjiang" : Central Asia’s Affairs, n°1, 2003 (in English).

"The current situation and perspectives of the problem of Ethnic separatism in Xinjiang", in Kazakhstan-Spectrum, n°1, 2004.