(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Vladimir Mejia Ayala

Beneficiary country: 
Mejia Ayala Vladimir Colombia Né(e) le 24 July 1975 dans Garzón, Colombia
Country of study: 
France and Ecuador
Last degree obtained: 

University of Paris Diderot (France): Master’s degree in “Tourism and Society”, Humanities, Languages, Human and Social Sciences, for Research Purposes, specialization: geography (16 September 2008).

Scholarly work and publications: 

Doctoral thesis in progress: Les problematiques et les enjeux de la mise en tourisme du patrimoine culturel immateriel: l’exemple du peuple Sapara [Issues and Stakes of Introducing Tourism to Intangible Cultural Heritage: the Example of the Sapara People].

Las problematicas y los retos de poner en valor turistico el patrimonio cultural inmaterial [Issues and Stakes of Tourism to Intangible Cultural Heritage]. In Segundo Encuentro de Culturas Andinas Memorias, Mados Print, pp. 97-106, Colombia, 2011.

Problematicas y retos del desarrollo turistico en Alta Amazonia: Las oportunidades de reconstruir un territorio ancestral [Issues and Challenges of Tourism Development in the Upper Amazon: Opportunities for Reconstruction in an Ancestral Territory]; In Turismo, Cooperación y desarrollo, Proceedings, vol. 1, Congress of the International Investigators Network of Tourism, Cooperation and Development (COODTUR), URV Publications, pp. 91-92, Tarragona, Spain, 2010.

El turismo en Alta Amazonia: .Una oportunidad para reconstruir un territorio tradicional? [Tourism in the Upper Amazon: an Opportunity to Reconstruct a Traditional Territory?] In Correo del Sur magazine, 19th edition, EDINAR, Nariño, pp. 21-22, Colombia, March 2010. 

What the fellow says:

"This is the significance of the UNESCO/Japan fellowship which has enabled us to conduct this study and above all to inform a broader public about other forms of social organization and ways of understanding and dealing with the world, thereby contributing to intercultural dialogue."