(UNESCO / Japan Young Researchers' fellowships programme)

Framework to guide the development of learner models in adaptive learning systems

Summary of research carried out: 
Framework to guide the development of learner models in adaptive learning systems

This doctoral student is developing a research project entitled "Reference Framework for the Development of Student Models in Adaptive Learning Systems". The project recognizes that in order to suitably implement adaptive processes in learning systems the starting point must be the student model, which is key. On studying the elements, techniques and integrated processes of the diverse student models, clear differences are evident, such as the concept, the semantics, the level of granularity and ways of determining the elements. This leads to a broad heterogeneity between student models in several adaptive learning systems (ALS), which consequently gives rise to difficulties such as interoperability, migration and integration of information of each student. The belief is that by establishing a reference framework, the staff who define the student models for adaptive learning systems could rely on a comprehensive guide in terms of definition, meaning, granularity, techniques and processes. This combination of elements used to characterize the student will be beneficial in reducing the complex nature of abstraction, development and application of the student model.

In order to address the problem, the research needs to include the following activities:

1.       Characterization of the elements that make up an integrated student model.

2.       Identification of the student modelling process.

3.       Definition of the techniques for modelling elements.

4.       Formal documentation of the design of the integrated model.

5.       Implementation of the integrated model representation.

6.       Identification of a system (ALS) for case study.

7.       Integration of the solution of an integrated model into the ALS.

8.       Performing functional tests.

Description of the research trip:

The research trip, funded by the UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Research Fellowships’ Programme for Young Researchers, has enabled the doctoral student to benefit from experience, knowledge and contacts of the researchers from the University of Vigo’s Department of Telematics Engineering, who supported activities 4, 5 and 6 above.


28 June 2013