Construire la paix dans l’esprit
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Internet et la radicalisation des jeunes: prévenir, agir et vivre ensemble

mar, 1 nov - 13:15 - 14:45

Séance 7 - Atelier 7.2 : Éducation au Web et développement des compétences numériques

Jove Jankulovski

Cofondateur, Interactive Education and Resource Network (Macédoine)

Mr. Jove Jankulovski is one of the founders of the civil society organisation Interactive Education and Resource Network (IMOR) – In the past 16 years, Mr. Jankulovski was president of IMOR and leaded implementation of numerous projects by and for youth. These projects, among others, were aiming at: empowering youth in the spirit of cross-cultural understanding, appreciation and cooperation, civic society and democracy; supporting youth in using ICTs in a safe and secure manner for multicultural project based learning; development of a positive environment in which are respected the rights of marginalised, discriminated, vulnerable, groups at risk and providing support in their integration into the society.  The awards received on international project challenges are speaking in favour of the significance and impact of the projects for youth in the Balkans and internationally: First prize at eLearning Awards, European Schoolnet, Brussels, 2007; winner at Global Junior Challenge, Rome, 2004; finalist in 2002 on: Stockholm Challenge Awards, Stockholm; Global Junior Challenge, Rome; Child Net Awards, London.  Mr. Jove Jankulovski, in 2007, was declared to be a Digital Peacemaker of the World by the George Lucas Foundation. He was one of the first 6 international educators that received this prestigious status of Daring Dozen due to his significant contribution to education by using ICTs. Mr. Jankulovski is holding a degree in Master of Arts in Education Management.