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des hommes et des femmes

UNESCO observatory of killed journalists - Ecuador

Number of recorded killings in 2022 : 1

Member States' responses to UNESCO DG's request for information on judicial follow-up in last 3 years

UNESCO DG request sent111
Member state response received on status of judicial enquiry111
Nom Gender Date killed Nationality Judicial enquiry status DG condemnation Member State response *
Gerardo Delgado Male 10/08/2022 Ecuadorian New request Lien
Efraín Ruales Male 27/01/2021 Ecuadorian New request Lien
Fausto Valdiviezo Moscoso Male 11/04/2013 Ecuadorian Ongoing/Unresolved Lien Lien
Saúl Suárez Sandoval Male 14/02/2006 Ecuadorian Ongoing/Unresolved Lien Lien
José Luis León Desiderio Male 13/02/2006 Ecuadorian Ongoing/Unresolved Lien Lien